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Top 10 Blighted Vacant Residential Properties

Category: Blight Published: Thursday, 25 September 2014 Written by ATA Admin

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Top 10 Blighted Properties

This list is a list of vacant residential properties that we consider the worst in the city that are not owned by the City (Redevelopment Authority) and no progress or minimal progress has been made to them. We will put the pressure on the city to take action against these properties.


1. 246 E. Walnut St. 


2. 336 N. 12th St.


3. 418 W. Allen St.

4. 147 E. Susquehanna St.

5. 315 N. Fountain St.


6. 621 N. Front St. 

7. 38 N. 12th St.

8. 395 W. Gordon St.


9. 918 W. Green St. 

10. 448 Hanover Ave.

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