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The Association is known as: Allentown Tenant Association

The Area Covered by the Association is: City of Allentown,Pa

1. AIMS:

1.1 To represent the interests of our members.

1.2 To ensure all members are consulted regularly and that all tenants eligible for membership are encouraged to join.

1.3 To promote community, social, educational and other such activities that are valuable to the residents of the city of Allentown,Pa

1.4 To improve the rental conditions of Allentown,Pa

1.5 To help build a good relationship between residents and the tenant participation team.

1.6 To encourage a sense of community by promoting a multi-racial society and opposing racism, sexism and other forms of discrimination.

2. Membership

Membership is open to all people living in the city of Allentown,Pa covered by the Tenant Association who accept the aims and goals of the Association, irrespective of nationality, race, religion, or political belief, ethnic or national origin, sex or color.

2.1 Membership is open to all tenants and members of their household.

2.2 The Association may suspend the membership of any member whose conduct damges the reputation of the Association.

3. Goals

3.1 To educate residents of the city of Allentown,Pa on their rights as a tenant.

3.2 To educate and assist residents of the city of Allentown,Pa on the laws regarding tenant-landlord disputes.

3.3 To provide a forum for tenants to meet formally to consider matters of local concern and importance.

3.4 To increase knowledge of house and community based issues.

3.5 Build relationships with state departments and city agencies to improve the city of Allentown rental conditions.


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