Our President: Julian Kern

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President - Julian Kern

Julian Kern was born Nov.16.1985 in Allentown, PA. He has lived in Allentown since he was born and lived in several locations throughout the city. Growing up he witnessed his parents and others have landlord problems. He started to learn some of the rights renter’s have then. He and his family rented from Joe Clark in 2010 which is when he experienced first hand how a slumlord runs their business. While renting from Joe Clark he dealt with numerous situations ranging from violation of quiet enjoyment, safety hazards, city issues, and more. He got tired of how nothing was being done about illegal activity and violation of rights. He started an invisionfree forums website to expose what was occurring. Then Ken Heffentrager (Currently the VP) found the forums website and they both started talking. Ken having dealt with Joe Clark and Charles Koury they both decided to start a tenant association for the city.

Julian Kern has researched over and over about renter rights in the state and common laws. He has read over the current code for the city and knows what steps to take against landlords who refuse to fix the issues with properties. Currently he manages the association’s website and facebook page. He also performs the administration duties for the association. He documents landlord-tenant disputes and takes pictures for evidence.

Julian Kern feels very strongly for renter rights and believes every renter has the right to live in a safe and habitable home regardless of race or income. He thinks all landlords should be held accountable for any wrong doing and not keeping their properties up to code. He thinks the city is not doing enough when it comes to landlords and code enforcing. He feels there should be stricter laws against landlords who violate renter rights or don’t maintain their properties. He will continue to fight for better renting conditions and make his voice heard with the city and state.



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