Our Vice-President: Kenneth Heffentrager

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Vice-President: Kenneth Heffentrager

Ken Heffentrager was born Dec. 6, 1970 in Quakertown, PA. But has lived a majority of his adult life in Allentown, mostly in the center city area which happens to be the majority of slumlords and urban blight. Through the years Ken has witnessed and been subjected to the direct effects of slumlords having dealt with a John Moore(deceased) in the 90's and more recently with Charles Koury and Joe Clark. In October 2011, Ken started researching Joe Clark and came upon a website called invisionfree and attending City Council meetings trying to address the problem of slumlords. In his dealings with invisionfree he met Julian Kern the two talked and created in December 2011 the Tenant Association of Allentown now changed to the Allentown Tenant Association in which Julian is president and Ken is the vice-president. As VP of the Association he has made it a point to attend most City Council, Zoning and other various city meetings to expose the problem of slumlords and city blight. Ken is the public relations member for the association. Ken has become very knowledgeable on issues regarding landlord-tenant laws as well as city codes and zoning ordinances that cover residential renting in the city. Also having applied for several seats on council left open by departing council members, a relative newcomer to politics he was passed over but maintains a good working relationship with City Council. He believes now is the time for a center city resident to be elected for the at large position, a true voice for the lower income families that face the slumlords day in and day out, he states "I believe this is a quality of life issue that effects every single resident in the City of Allentown".


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