Paying Rent

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Paying Rent:

When paying your rent always get a receipt that you paid the rent each month. The receipt will be required to show proof you have paid your rent if you ever go to court against your landlord. The best policy to stick by is giving your landlord the rent payment at the same time they are handing you the receipt. Never give rent to anyone else other than your landlord or your landlord's agent.

Try to refrain from paying cash but if you do make sure you get the receipt. It is recommended you pay your rent by check or money order. There are several ways of getting checks or a money order. If you have a checking account you can just use one of your checks. If you don't have a checking account but have a savings account with your bank you can ask for a certified check. Most banks will type up a check from the bank. You also have the option of paying by money order. We recommend if you pay by money order to get your money orders at a post office because the post office can type who the money order is going to right on the money order. Paying your rent by check or money gives you additional proof you have paid the rent and provides a paper trail.

Alot of slum landlords like to receive rent in cash to avoid disclosing it for tax purposes, providing lucrative short term income. If you pay your rent by check or money order and your landlord gives you a hard time about it then that could be a sign something is fishy with your landlord. It is best to pay the rent by check because money orders are harder to trace and take time. If you must pay by cash remember these key tips:


  • Never send cash payments through the mail.
  • Hand cash to an authorized recipient. (Landlord or Landlord's agent)
  • Don't leave without a receipt.
  • Keep rent receipts in a safe place.



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