Leaving the Apartment – Moving Out

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Leaving the Apartment – Moving Out

Giving Notice

As the end of the lease approaches, you need to discuss the renewal or termination of the lease. If you want to move out of your apartment or house, you need to give notice to your landlord. Check your lease to see how much notice is needed and how it must be delivered. Your notice to the landlord should be in writing and sent by certified mail.

Moving Out

Follow the moving out procedures in your lease to make sure that your responsibilities for the apartment are finished before you leave.


  • Give your landlord – in writing – your new address or a forwarding address for receiving mail
  • Remove all your belongings and trash.
  • Clean the apartment.
  • Return the apartment to the way it was when you moved in.
  • Walk through the apartment and review the checklist and photos of when you moved in with the landlord. Have the landlord sign the checklist.
  • Take new photos if there have been changes.
  • Lock all doors and windows. Then return your keys to the landlord.



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