Unfit for Human Habitation

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Unfit for Human Habitation:

Public officer (Code Enforcement officer) may determine that a dwelling is unfit for human habitation if he finds that conditions exist in the dwelling that render it dangerous or injurious to the health, safety or morals of the occupants of the dwelling, the occupants of neighboring dwellings, or other residents of the city.

Defective conditions may include the following: defects therein increasing the hazards of fire, accident, or other calamities; lack of adequate ventilation, light, or sanitary facilities; dilapidation; disrepair; structural defects; uncleanliness.

If a building is immediately dangerous to public health and safety, the City can condemn it on an emergency basis.

A condemned building cannot be occupied or used until the conditions which caused the condemnation are corrected. If it is occupied when it is condemned, it must be vacated promptly.

If the city tags your rental unit as unfit for human habitation you will be given a specified amount of time to vacate the property. This means you MUST move out of the rental unit by the time given.

Code Enforcement will return to the rental unit to make sure no one is still living in the rental unit on the last day given. For example if your rental unit was tagged on June 10th and a notice to vacate was given for 10 days then you will have till June 20th to be out of the rental unit. Code Enforcement will be return on June 20th to make sure no one is still living in the rental unit.

If your rental unit becomes tagged unfit for human habitation and you don’t have the financial funds to pay a security deposit or rent for a new apartment. You can contact code enforcement at 610-437-7695 or visit them at: 641 S. 10th St. from 8AM to 4PM. They have a program to help renters whose rental unit becomes tagged unfit for human habitation. It is not guaranteed this program will be available.

Reasons for Condemnation

A building may be condemned if it is:


  • Extremely dilapidated, damaged or deteriorated, so that it is likely to collapse or become an unattractive nuisance.
  • A fire hazard.
  • A severe health hazard.
  • Infested with rodent or vermin.
  • Lacking basic facilities such as water, electricity, and heat.
  • In violation of other code requirements that make it dangerous to occupants or the public.


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