IFP: Waive Filing Fees

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IFP: Waive Filing Fees

In forma pauperis (IFP or i.f.p.) is a Latin legal term meaning "in the character or manner of a pauper".In the United States, the IFP designation is given by both state and federal courts to someone who is without the funds to pursue the normal costs of a lawsuit or a criminal defense. The status is usually granted by a judge without a hearing, and it entitles the person to a waiver of normal costs, and sometimes in criminal cases the appointment of counsel. While court-imposed costs such as filing fees are waived, the litigant is still responsible for other costs incurred in bringing the action such as deposition and witness fees.

If you want to file in court against your landlord but do not have the financial funds to do so then you can file an IFP to have the court fees waived. Form has been provided on the following pages.



To receive a copy of the IFP form you can ask any magistrate judge office or contact us.




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