Disruptive Conduct Report

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Disruptive Conduct Report (DCR)


For anyone having Disruptive Conduct issues at the property you rent the following information is city code regarding "Disruptive Conduct":

Disruptive Conduct means conduct or behavior by an occupant (another renter) or visitor that is loud, offensive, or disturbs other persons in the peaceful enjoyment of their premises, or cause damage such that a report is made to a police officer. Such conduct need not be a criminal offense, nor must criminal charges be filled.

After 3 Disruptive Conduct reports in any 12 months by an occupant, the owner must begin eviction proceedings against the occupants within 10 working days, Failure to take action will result in the immediate revocation of the Registration or Rental License.

If you live in a multi-unit apartment and any of the tenants are conducting disruptive conduct call the non-emergency number at: 610-437-7751 and tell them you want to file a DCR (Disruptive Conduct Report).


Disruptive conduct can be loud music, loud noise, yelling, screaming, fighting, construction work, etc.










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