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Our Services:

The following are the services we offer for free to all tenants who reside in the city. 

  • Landlord-Tenant dispute assistance.
  • Type up letters.
  • Education of renter rights.
  • Represented by the association.
  • Contact local & state authorities if needed.
  • Invited to our meetings.
  • Kept up to date on any landlord or tenant laws/ordinances.
  • Perform right to know requests to get inspection reports.
  • Look up property assessment records.
  • Give knowledge of house and community based issues.
  • Inspect properties to look for code violations and notify of the code violations that exist.
  • Take pictures and video to document the property's conditions.
  • Assist with documenting the situation and gather evidence.
  • Contact local organizations on behalf of our members.
  • Inspect properties for our members before they move into a rental property they are considering.
  • Review rental agreement leases for flaws and explain the lease to our members.
  • Explain rental responsibilities for tenants and landlords.
  • Assist with getting renter's insurance.
  • Assist with filing in court against the landlord.


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