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The following is right to know information that we have filed with the city regarding rental properties and rental information that we have gathered. We will be updating this page with additional right to know information that are rental related as we receive them.


Properties tagged unfit and unsafe by the city:

We filed a right to know to receive the amount of properties tagged unfit for human habitation and unsafe in the city as well as a list of each property. The following information was provided by the city.

We were advised by Judy Richards, Office Manager of the Building Standards & Safety Department that there was 562 properties tagged unfit and 21 properties tagged due to an unsafe structure as evidenced by the attached fifty-five (55) pages. We received the attached Excel Spreadsheets from Matthew Wojaczyk, Building Inspections Supervisor in response to your request. With respect to records from the Allentown Health Bureau, we were advised by Garry Ritter, Environmental Field Services Manager that his office does not keep a record or report specifically identifying posted/tagged properties. As such, the record requested does not exist.

Total Tagged Unfit: http://allentowntenantassociation.org/totaltaggedunfit.pdf

Properties Tagged Unfit: http://allentowntenantassociation.org/propertiestaggedunfit…

Unsafe Structure Fire 2018: http://allentowntenantassociation.org/USSFire2018.xls

Unsafe Structure Issued 2018: http://allentowntenantassociation.org/USSissued2018.xls

DCR Complaints:

We also filed a right to know for DCR Complaints for 2015-2017. The following information was provided by the city.

We were advised by Judy Richards, Office Manager of the Building Standards & Safety Department that the office did not maintain the number of DCR Complaints for 2015 and 2016. With respect to 2017, we received the attached six (6) pages in response to your request.

DCR Complaints 2017: http://allentowntenantassociation.org/DCRComplaints.pdf

Total Rental Properties:

Total amount of rental properties and rental units in the city:

Rental Properties: 10,321
Rental Units: 25,276


Amount of Revenue Generated by Registration Fees: 


Illegal Rental Units and Revoked Licenses 2015-2017: 

According to this right to know there were no licenses revoked by the city in 2015 and 2016. In 2017, three hundred and eighteen (318) licenses were revoked. From 2015 through 2017, thirteen (13) illegal rental units were discovered.


Last date of inspection by Residential Rental Unit:

The following pdfs show the last date a residential rental unit was inspected by the city. We are currently reviewing this information.






Amount of Inspections performed by the Residential Rental Unit:

We also asked for the total inspection reports for 2017. We will be questioning the information given because from September through December of 2017 there is no data. According to the city they no longer use the form they were using so we will be questioning the missing data for the months missing in the report.



Initial Rental Inspections:
2016: 1024
2015: 1607
2014: 2489
2013: 3437
2012: 4056

Rental re-inspections:
2016: 2288
2015: 2977
2014: 3488
2013: 7727
2012: 7396

Units Complied:
2016: 970
2015: 1470
2014: 1542
2013: 2846
2012: 3371

https://allentowntenantassociation.org/rentalinspections.pdf 2012-2015






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