Tenant Rights & Laws

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Tenant Rights & Laws

Below are pages giving information about tenant rights and laws in Pennsylvania and Allentown. Click on the page you wish to view.

• Rental Inspection Checklist

• Renters Guide

• Rental Complaints Map


• Allentown Property Rehabilitation & Maintenance Codes

• The Rental Agreement (Lease)

• Looking at Rental Units

• Find a Home

• Needed Repairs in the Rental

• Needed Repairs in the Rental (Instructional Videos) 

 How to repair and deduct (step by step instructions)

 How to withhold rent (step by step instructions)

• Letter To Landlord Examples

• Suing for your Security Deposit

• Eviction Requirements

• The Eviction Process 

• What do I do if the landlord fails to pay the utility bill?

• Leaving the Apartment - Moving Out

• Renting Tips

• Sheriff Sale & Foreclosure 

• Rental Property Sold (New Owner)

• IFP: Waive Filing Fee

• Tenant's Abandoned Property

• Fair Housing Laws

• Unfit for Human Habitation 

• Security Deposit 

• What if I can't pay my rent? 

• Disruptive Conduct Report

• Foreign Load

• The Pennsylvania Plain Language Law

• Renter's Insurance

• Rental Responsibilities

• The Implied Warranty of Habitability 

• Paying Rent 

• Quiet Enjoyment

• How to Avoid Getting Screwed

• Need to Know Numbers


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